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Did you all hear that yet another model died from anorexia a couple weeks ago?

Now, not that I don’t feel remorse for this situation, but it’s just interesting to me because common people die from anorexia every day, but it’s a big deal when a model does. Then people start ranting and raving about how terrible the fashion and modeling industry is and how since they put so much pressure to be thin, there’s some big epidemic of modeling related deaths from this disorder. Well, there’s not. People from all different professions develop eating disorders, and for all different kinds of reasons. The vast majority of people with eating disorders aren’t models, and the vast majority of models don’t have eating disorders, so what is with the pointing fingers? Why do people single out just the models?

Oh and did you notice in the article it says that agent Adi Barkan refuses to use models with a BMI of less than 19 now? It used to be 18. So even models with a BMI of, let’s say, 18.7, even though considered ‘normal’ by BMI calculations is still too thin to be a working model! What the hell? Ugh, people!


In the past month, I have met someone, and I’m not going to say who it is or their relationship to me but just someone new, and this person asked me how much I weigh. They asked this supposedly because they were intrigued by how petite I am. I told them that I am 5’3 and weigh about 95 lbs. They responded with, “What??? Oh whatever, shut up!” and I’m like, “No really I am,” and they were like, “No way, more like 70 lbs.” They really thought I was lying. Wtf? Now I understand this person was probably exaggerating by saying I looked like I was 70 lbs, but I don’t understand how they can think I’m lying. And what the sad thing is, it’s not an uncommon response I get when I reveal to people my weight. They simply don’t believe me and they think I weigh less than what say I do. Some other people, though, are easy to guess my weight right on, and that happens often too. Personally when I look in the mirror, I think I look about 95 lbs. If I were someone else seeing me walking down the street, I wouldn’t second guess me weighing anything less than 90-95.

So what is up with the people who are nonbelievers? Are they just bad at analyzing height/weight proportions, or are their views distorted somehow as a result of society’s obsession with weight and scrutinizing thinness?

I was just reading a debate on the pressure to be skinny. You always hear that phrase, “pressure to be skinny.” But is that pressure to be skinny as big as the pressure to be just the right size, meaning that you can’t be too fat or too thin? Think about it. If you are fat, you are ridiculed, but if you are really skinny, you are ridiculed as well. Society acts like there is this humongous pressure to be thin, trying to say, “If you are skinny the world will worship you, sick but true.” Well if that really is true, then why do people treat models and thin celebrities the way they do? My point is, I don’t think this ‘pressure’ people are referring to is necessarily about being thin, but about being in that tiny little window of being just the right size: not fat, but not too skinny either.

Anyone else think so? Share your thoughts!