“Three models have been banned from Madrid fashion week for being too thin. They were sent home after doctors weighed and measured all 70 of the girls taking part.

The show, which started yesterday, bars models with a Body Mass Index of less than 18, believing that they set an unhealthy example for teenage girls.

BMI is the scale approved by the World Health Organisation for indicating the weight status of an adult.

A BMI of between 18 and 25 is considered healthy for an adult under 60.

Dr Susana Monereo, a nutritional expert who weighed the models, said: “Their BMI was 16, which is a very low figure which represents extreme thinness.

“They might be of good health, but their appearance is very thin.”

Cuca Solana, the director of the show, said: “The average BMI is higher than in the previous edition.”

Since 2006, organisers have rejected 13 models – including the three – for failing the BMI test.”


What bothers me about this is that they said, “They might be of good health, but their appearance is very thin.” Okay so even if proven healthy, these models are still considered to be too thin to work? That’s ridiculous! If a model is healthy, why can’t she work? Why does she have to be out of a job just because society thinks that it might give a bad message? Why does she have to suffer just because society wasn’t taught how to be happy with the body they were given? What this is, is stotal discrimination. Again, I’m not talking about models who actually do have eating disorders or are unhealthy, but I’m talking about how they pretty much just admitted that they don’t care if they models are healthy or not, if their BMI are less than 18, then you’re fired. How idiotic. BMI has even been proven to not even be a very accurate measurement of health. They need to reevaluate what they are doing here because it’s just not cool to do this to women who might be in perfect health.